Compost, Chemical, Burn or Flush?

Tiny House Toilets Buying Guide - Compost, Chemical, Burn, or Flush

Composting Toilets

Human waste is about 90% water, which means that a primary function of a composting toilet is evaporation. Electric models include a fan that is constantly moving air through the toilet to accelerate the drying out. Bulking material and microbes are added to break down the remaining substance.

Factors to consider: Size and footprint, Energy requirements, Clean out process, and Odor elimination. Compost toilets are 100% less disgusting than dumping black water from a septic tank. Plus, it requires zero fresh water.

PROS: They reduce contact with your waste. They don’t require any special plumbing. Since your composting toilet doesn’t use water to flush away your waste, it doesn’t need a water supply, and it doesn’t need a drain. That actually represents significant cost savings on your plumbing setup. They are environmentally awesome! Microorganisms break down your waste and turn it back into SOIL.

CONS: Can be more expensive at purchase, though very economical long-term.

Tiny House Composting Toilets Brands

Composting Toilet Urine
Power Monthly Costs Price
LOVEABLE LOO No   Non-Electric Sawdust: $ $420
NATURES HEAD Yes   Electric DC, AC plug extra ($20) CocoFiber $9 / each brick $960
SEPARETT VILLA-9200 Yes   Electric 120vAC Biodegradable Bags $12 $1389
SEPARETT VILLA-9210 Yes   Electric 12vDC or 120vAC Biodegradable Bags $12 $1389

*NSF Certified

No   Electric 120vAC

Cover Material $46 / bag & Microbe Mix $27


*NSF Certified

No   Non-Electric

Cover Material $46 / bag & Microbe Mix $27


*NSF Certified

No   Electric 120vAC

Cover Material $46 / bag & Microbe Mix $27


*NSF Certified

  Electric 12vDC

Cover Material $46 / bag & Microbe Mix $27


*NSF Certified

No   Electric 120vAC

Cover Material $46 / bag & Microbe Mix $27


Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets brands carried by Tiny Houses Inside

Portable Toilet Urine Diverting Power Monthly Costs Price
DRY FLUSH LAVEO No   Electric DC, AC plug extra ($52) 3 Refill Cartridges $65 $590
SEPARETT 7000 WEEKENDER Yes   Electric 12vDC or 120vAC, or Solar extra Biodegradable Bags $12 $889

Chemical Toilets

Chemical Toilet Chemical Power Monthly Costs Price

Incinerating (Burn) Toilets

PROS: Incinerating toilets are waterless and don’t need as much attention as composting. Nothing but sterile ash remains and can be thrown away in the trash.

CONS: they are very expensive, use A LOT of energy - too much to be powered by solar, and or small generators.

Flush Toilets

Low-Flush RV Toilets

PROS: These will most look and operate like the toilets you're used to. Some tiny houses have these, choosing to operate as RVs do.

CONS: like RVs, you must have a septic holding tank and find some place to dump it when it is full.