Separett Villa 9200 Waterless Composting Toilet AC

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    Separett Villa 9200 Waterless Composting Toilet AC

    The Separett Villa 9200 is a modern urine separating toilet with enough capacity for full-time usage in your Tiny House. Guests love that it looks like a real toilet too! The Villa 9200 is designed for Tiny Houses with AC or standard electrical power. Have DC? See the Villa 9210

    The Separett Villa retains look of a standard flush toilet while giving the benefits of a modern urine separating toilet that requires no sewer or septic hookup.

    It's unique design includes a viewing plate that remains closed until a user sits on the toilet. 

    A small lever rotates the container so solid waste is spread evenly. Liquid and solids are never mixed, so there is no latrine type odor to worry about. In addition, the Separett Villa includes a small fan that helps move air and odor from the toilet, through the vent pipe and out of the home ensuring 100% odor free operation.


    • Available in AC (9200) and DC (9210) models to fit your needs.
    • Size/Weight:W 18" / L 26.5" / H 21.3" / 47 lb.
    • Includes Small Fan
    • Includes Child Seat ($70 value)
    • 5 yr Warranty
    • Made in Sweden


    Unlike some compost toilets, the Separett Villa 9200 requires NO cover materials – the user simply goes to the toilet just like a regular toilet. Used toilet paper is put down the toilet (in the solids container) and that’s it – no flushing, no buttons to press, no sawdust to sprinkle! Unlike other compost toilets which require a cover material, the Weekend uses the ventilation fan to pull fresh air over the solids area, thereby drawing out any smells, and vents them to the outside to ensure the toilet area is odor-free and pleasant.

    Pdf  Download the Separett Villa 9200 Manual


    Separett Villa Composting Toilet Concealing view screen

    Concealing view screen

    When you sit down the unique pressure seat opens a view screen that otherwise covers the solid waste container. At the same time, the container is rotated so that the contents are evenly distributed.


    For the urine to end up in the front of the toilet, an extension part for the urine basin is included, which is easily snapped on and off if needed.

    Separett Villa Composting Toilet Concealing view screen

    For the children

    Separett Child seat with the separating function is included with the Separett Villa. The child seat gives a firm hold against the toilet seat and is easy to clean.

    Separett Villa Composting Toilet Concealing view screen

    Fresh restroom air

    The 2-speed fan runs continually. Normally at low speed. Speed 2 is used after several consecutive toilet visits or in order to quickly expel excess amounts of condensation, such as after a shower.

    Separett Villa Composting Toilet Concealing view screen

    Easy change of container

    Put the lid over the container and use the sliding surfaces to remove the container from the toilet. The toilet is supplied with three containers and ten solid waste bags. Place a bag in the container to simplify cleaning. Additional bags and containers can be purchased if required.

    Separett Villa Composting Toilet Concealing view screen

    Compostable waste bag

    Fits all models from 1998. Separett Compostable waste bag is designed to endure the conditions inside the toilet and during the storage period. Then it will slowly disintegrate in the ground or in a composter.

  • Specifications

    Pdf  Download the Separett Villa 9200 Manual

    Material Impact-resistant high-gloss
    polypropylene, recyclable
    Inner container 23 litres Polypropylene
    Voltage/Wattage 110-120V/14,6/18,9W
    Power consumption 0.350/0.453 kWh/24 hrs
    Electrical connection Cord 4 feet 1.22 m, earthed plug
    Noise level fan 41/31 dB(A)

    The Separett Villa 9200 includes

    • Child seat 
    • Vent pipe 40 cm (Ø75 mm) 
    • Vent grid 
    • Indoor flashing for vent pipe 
    • Connector pipe 90° 
    • Vent cowl 
    • 3 solid waste containers and 2 lids 
    • 10 compostable waste bags 
    • 2 m white hose for urine waste (Ø32 mm) 
    • Silicone sealant compound 
    • Mounting screws

    Installation measurements

    • Size/Weight: W 18" / L 26.5" / H 21.3" / 47 lb.


    Separett Villa 9200 Waterless Composting Toilet Measurements

  • Separett Composting Toilet Frequently Asked Questions


    How often should the toilet be emptied?

    If four people are using the toilet on a daily basis, then a container will last about 3-6 weeks, depending on how much toilet paper is being used. For a normal summerhouse, 2-3 containers will suffice. The Separett Villa comes with three containers. Additional containers can be purchased if required.

    How is it possible that the container with solids so rarely has to be emptied?

    Urine accounts for about 85% of the waste volume and is routed separately away from the toilet. This increases the storage capacity for solids greatly. The container is easily replaceable and if the amount of users increases one only change containers more often. The Separett Villa comes with three containers. Additional containers can be purchased if required giving the toilet virtually unlimited capacity.


    Are there unpleasant odors indoors?

    No. If the fan runs continuously the there will be no unpleasant odors in the room. When installing the toilet, make sure that the venting pipe is properly sealed with silicone. The easily accessible fan filter should be cleaned regularly as well as the insect net at the end of ventilation pipe.


    Are flies a problem with these toilets?

    Problems with flies are uncommon with Separett toilets. However, flies may enter the toilet if you leave it for a week or so with the fan switched off and the container with solids still in place. The fan should always be operational. If flies do get in to the toilet, change or empty the container, clean it thoroughly, and use fly spray on the toilet and container several times during the following week to remove any remaining larvae. Never add bark or anything because it can contain larva which can develop problems with flies.


    Should the fan operate continually?

    Yes. This keeps the housing dry and extends the lifetime of the fan. If the fan has to be switched off, place the lid on the container and remove it. Otherwise, bad odors will spread indoors and flies can easily enter and lay eggs.

    Which is the best method for routing the venting pipe, through the roof or straight through the wall?

    It is always easier to go straight through the wall. When routing the venting pipe through the roof, the work is more difficult, as is ensuring good seals. Remember not to route the venting pipe to the house entrance or other places where people gather.

    Does the venting pipe need insulating?

    The Separett Villa toilet has a condensation collector and does not need to be insulated.


    Where do I lead the urine?

    You have three options for the urine outlet: 1) connect the hose to the greywater system 2) make a simple leaching bed/soakaway or 3) use a tank. Please ask your local Building / Zoning department about the rules applicable to your area.

    Maintenance and Care

    Do I ever have to add anything?

    In the container inside the toilet, the contents should be left to dry and lose volume. Never add bark or anything since it may contain larva which can develop problems with flies. We recommend putting a Separett Absorb in the bag inside the container, since it keeps the contents dry and thereby odorless.

    Does the toilet function well for women?

    Yes. The urine bowl has been tried and tested by both older and younger women to ensure that the urine is separated into the right place. Furthermore an extension for the urine bowl is included in the Separett Villa.

    Does the toilet function well for small children?

    Yes. The urine separating Child seat is included. Our experience shows that children quickly learn how to sit correctly.

    Which type of toilet paper should I use?

    You can use normal toilet paper.

    Do I throw toilet paper in the container?

    Yes, toilet paper helps in keeping the contents of the container dry and divided which facilitates the handling after the storage period.

    Can I use Compostable waste bags?

    Yes. We recommend using Separett Compostable Waste Bags since they're designed to endure the conditions inside the toilet and during the storage period. It will slowly disintegrate in the ground or in a composter.

    What do I do when the container is full?

    Put the lid over the container, tilt the container towards you and use the sliding surfaces to remove the container from the toilet. Place the container in a suitable location outdoors. A few shovels of soil are added and the lid replaced, but with a slight opening that allows the solids to vent. Leave like this for six months.

    How do I compost the solids?

    After the 6 months storage period, you can compost the content in a normal composting bin, a garden compost heap, or a pile of leaves. If you use a compost bin made for latrine (waterproof bottom and lid) it is not necessary to store the solids in the container. Instead it can be put straight into the compost bin without being stored in the container first.


    Do I need to obtain permission from the City Inspectors before installing the toilet?

    The approvals for building, plumbing and composting may vary between cities, provinces, states and countries. Details concerning the need of permissions can be given by you local environment and health office.

    Can I install the toilet myself?

    Yes. There are not usually any problems for the average DIY-interested person.

    Which tools do I need?

    The tools you need depend on the installation choices you make for the urine outlet and the ventilation pipe. This is a list of the most probably tools that may come handy:

    • Screwdriver
    • Hacksaw – to cut the ventilation pipe
    • Knife – to cut the urine hose
    • Holesaws for the urine outlet and the ventilation pipe
    • Carpenter’s level
    • A drill and tape. In case you have wall or floor tiles
  • Separett Villa 9200 Waterless Composting Toilet AC

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